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| Haul: Surprise!

Haul: Surprise!

I woke up the other morning to find a parcel at my door. I kind of freaked out a little bit and thought it was some parcels I had sent being returned because customs had said “no!”. Luckily, it wasn’t. Instead, it was a small nail polish haul from my mum and dad! Yes, another one!

jordana kk cr haul nail polish

Click through for more pics!

The K.K.s:

nail polish haul kk

These ones don’t have names, just numbers. The blue one doesn’t show up very well in this photo. It’s kind of opalescent with a green-y gold flash. It’s very mermaid-esque!

The CRs:

cr nail polish haul

These ones also only have numbers. It’s so hard to keep track of them when they don’t have names! The one in the centre is this amazing silvery purple foil. I haven’t seen anything like it before. I also love the glitters that this brand comes out with. Have a look at them up close!

cr nail polish haul

See the little stars in the yellow one? So cute! The pink one has gold and red glitter through it too. It looks very Christmas-y to me.

The Jordanas:

jordana nail polish haulJordana nail polish in Silver Glitter, and Silver

The one called Silver isn’t really silver - it’s more of a metallic white, if such a thing exists. It’s an interesting polish. I haven’t seen anything like it before and I’m interested to try it out. I think it will make a great base for layering combinations.

So there it is, another haul from me! Thanks mum and dad!

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