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| NOTD: 12 November

NOTD: 12 November

Today’s post is short and sweet, as it is late and I’m getting tired!

sinful colors open seas newspaper nails manicure

sinful colors open seas newspaper nails manicure

For day 24 of the nail challenge - inspired by a book - I did newspaper nails! The base colour is Sinful Colors Open Seas and the newspaper wording is transferred onto the nail using newspaper (obviously), vodka, and some gentle pressure. I wasn’t inspired by any particular book for today’s theme, just books in general. Yeah, because books have green pages right?

This is also my most complimented manicure to date. I probably had 15 or so people comment on my nails. I worked today, and lots of customers asked how I did it, and most were surprised that they weren’t stickers, à la Sally Hansen Salon Effects. The staff were also really interested in them - even the males! I ended up playing up to the attention and giving out some of my business cards for the blog. I hadn’t given any out before then, and it was kind of awkward and I felt super lame but that’s what they are there for I guess.

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